New firearms are readily available with an emphasis on the superb range of Sauer rifles although all the other prominent manufacturers are also represented including: Heym, Sako, Tikka, Steyr Mannlicher, Ruger, Remington, Wetherby, Merkel and Haenel who also produce some very nice double rifles.

For the more cost conscientious full bore rifle shooter or someone just starting out for the first time why not consider a package from Savage with their new Edge model available in .223, .22-250, .243, .270, .308 which includes a TLD moderator, Talley mounts and a Tasco Scope, upgrades to Swarovskis or Zeiss also available.

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S 202 Wolverine (Varmint)

Manufacturer: Sauer

Please note that the price listed is for the basic model, any changes in the components will alter the price

Competitive origins proven terrain performance: the Wolverine masters extremely distant targets just as confidently as close-up shots. Just like the creature that it was named after, the S 202 Wolverine is a predator, respected by other predators.

Every component of the Sauer 202 is produced to perfection, dimensionally stable and of exceptional quality. Being able to custom select each component, from the stock, trigger and action to the barrel and sights, enables hunters to obtain the exact structural combination that suits their needs. The result is a fully customized, precision-manufactured hunting rifle.

 Characteristics of the Wolverine (varmint)

Steel receiver

All steel parts are Ilaflon® - coated

700 gram Match trigger

Rounded bolt handle

Fluted Varmint barrel

Sharp stippling at the grip area

Ergonomic fore-end

Buttstock with adjustable cheek piece

Model Varmint

Barrel lenght* 650mm - 25,6”

Barrel diameter 19mm - 0,75”

Total length* from 1180mm - 46.46"

Weight* from 3.700 - 8.16 lbs.

Calibre 25-06 Rem, other calibres available in Varmint model:.222 Rem., .223 Rem., .22-250 Rem., .243 Win.

Magazine 3 rounds

Sauer & Sohn were founded over 260 years ago in Suhl Germany in 1751, J P Sauer & Sohn have been dedicated to the use of premium materials and outstanding quality ever since.

All rifles from Sauer & Sohn have always had one thing in common: they never follow ephemeral trends; they remain hunting weapons with superior quality and legendary precision.

The full range of Sauer rifles are readily available, please call for a quote for the particular model that you are interested in: 07966984738 or email:

Current Sauer stock of New & Used rifles as of 5th October 2014:

Calibre: 25/06


Make: Sauer, Model: 202 Wolverine, with heavy barrel, fluted and threaded for a moderator, lovely wood stock with an adjustable comb raiser.

Available with a Third eye Tactical Spartan moderator.

Price: £2,995

Licence: Firearm

See below for more detailed specification.

Sauer 101 Classic XT

Firearms > Sauer Rifles > The Brand New 101

Price: £1,395.00

Manufacturer: Sauer - more

The Sauer 101 "The New Bench Mark In Bolt Action Rifles".

The Classic XT has a ERGO MAX polymer stock with a soft touch coating and soft rubber recoil pad.

With the touch of a button the safe opener allows opening of the bolt whilst the safety is still fully engaged.

The DURA SAFE is the only direct firing pin safety that is activated by an ergonomic switch built in to the bolt shroud.

Also its integral firing pin block allows firing only when bolt is fully locked into the barrel.

The barrel and receiver ring are joined by the tension-free HEAT LOCK process.

It has an extra wide trigger with a glass-sharp two pound pull.

The 101 has everything you need and would expect from a superb Sauer rifle.

Forged steel receiver

Matchgrade barrel

Matte black surface finish

6-lug bolt locks directly into the barrel

60 degree bolt lift

DURA SAFE firing pin safety

EVER REST action bedding

Two pound trigger

Length of pull 14.5 inch

Ambidextrous stock with symmetrical palm swells

Double stack magazine

5 + 1 shot Standard/4 + 1 shot Magnum

Screw cut for moderators M14 x 1

New Sauer 101 Classic XT in Stock .243, see details below,

only £1,395

Barrel length Standard calibres: 22.5 inch

Overall length Standard calibres: 42 inch

Weight standard calibres: 6.75lb's

Standard Calibres: .22-250 Rem, .243 Win, .270 Win, .308 Win, .30-06, 6.5x55, 7x64, 8x57IS & 9.3x62

Barrel length Magnum calibres: 24.5 inch

Overall length Magnum calibres: 44.3 inch

Weight Magnum calibres: 6.94lb’s

Magnum calibres: 7mm Rem. Mag., .300 Win. Mag. or .338 Win. Mag.

Calibre: 6.5-284 Norma

Used: Excellent condition

Make: Sauer, Model: 202 Alaska, Laminated stock, Ilflon coated Steel Parts, 26” Barrel threaded for Moderator M14x1, Fitted with A Leupold VX3 4.5-14X50, Boone & Crockett  reticle on Apel mounts and Simon Lawrence Titanium Moderator. Total weight: 11.05lbs (with moderator fitted)

Price: £ 1,950

Licence: Firearm

Serial No: N38899